Add Lyrics and Scripture to your Livestream, its Easy!

Mobile Ready

You can control both the Livestream and projector Lyrics and scripture from your phone

Unlimited content

Large collection of Lyrics and Scriptures in all major versions already included

Easy to Use

Can be learnt very easily, even on the job


An easy to use Drag and drop screen builder for making custom screens

Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

Lower Thirds

It has never been easier to design custom dynamic lowerthirds for your livestream. We feature an unlimited designer and a dashboard for controlling and cchanging the text showing on the screen.


All major versions of the bible already included for you with a wonderful navigator and history of scriptures displayed.


Adding lyrics anywhere in your livestream is a breeze. You can use our online library of popular songs and also add your own songs to your library.


We distribute your live video to multiple platforms, Youtube, facebook and more custom rtmp destinations

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