Abraham Okello

I'm a


React and Nextjs 100%
NodeJS 90%
ExpressJS 100%
HTML, CSS, JavaScript 90%
AI Tools usage (ChatGPT) 100%
Domains and DNS 100%
Server Management 99%
WordPress 90%
Photoshop 80%
Video and audio editing 100%


I am Abraham Okello, a passionate computer specialist who loves to help my clients boost their businesses and steer them to the next level by leveraging the unfathomable power of technology.
I empower designers, developers, technicians, IT people and generally anyone in the digital business arena to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams

My Allstreamhub Story

I have been volunteering in Church Bands and media teams since childhood. So when the pandemic hit our church had to shift from the inperson gatherings to livestreaming.

As a volunteer adding lowerthirds, lyrics and scripture to obs studio had been an issue. The only options were Screen capture and NDI and a few others which were tedious and complicated to set up.
Being a developer I quickly set out to make a very friendly solution that would not need a steep learning curve and would easily be applied on any system that accepts browser sources.

I started in January 2021 and it started as a restreaming platform because in my country Uganda Facebook had been banned so one had to stream through another service to facebook. Later on I added scriptures and lyrics which became available around mid May 2021.
Since then I have kept adding features and in November 2021 I finally added custom screens. A lot more features are in the pipeline.

I'll be glad to hear your feedback, you can email me at [email protected] You can schedule a conference call with me to walk you through how to set up and use the system using https://calendly.com/okellotechnologies/allstream-onboarding

UI/UX Designer & Web Developer.

Motivated, dedicatedand mindful of my clients success

  • Freelance: Available

I would Love to do business with you


The Services I offer with passion.

Software and web Development

A website is the face of your business, I make that face's smile captivating so you can have an endless flow of clients.

Graphics Design

Introduce your business with stunning graphics that make peoplewant to work with you.

Server and Domain Management

Servers, domains, DNS, Email should not be a problem, I help you manage those so you can enjoy your sleep.

Customized Coaching

Sometimes all you need to understand the new technologies is just an understanding coach who listens and gives you all the time and attention you need.

Social Media Management

Keeping your social media followers and fans is not as simple as it should be, I help you keep your followers engaged so you focus on enjoying your life


Professional Livestreams for your events to spread your message to the world


I would love to hear from you and do business with you.

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